Shop Fox W176 57 Inch Table Saw Fence Review (2021)

Table saws are one of the most important tools in your arsenal, but they have a lot of accessories that go alongside them. One accessory that is pivotal to the accuracy of your table saw is its fence. Knowing the ins and outs of a fence is hard without buying it, that’s why we’re going to be breaking down this popular fence, and help you understand whether or not you need it! So, let’s learn about the Shop Fox W1716.

Key Features

The Shop Fox W1716 is one of the best table saw fences out on the market right now, and is definitely a great buy for anyone. It is 57 inches in length and has a rip capacity of 30 inches. It performs as well as you would think in terms of providing true cuts, and has great durability which will help it last for a while. The other perks it has also makes it a much more desirable fence system as it helps increase its ease of use. Overall, definitely a very functional and worthwhile investment for a table saw fence.

  • Very functional and easy to use
  • Quite versatile and compatible with different table saws
  • Magnified cursor minimizes error and makes it easy to read
  • Single locking cam lever
  • Torsion box provides more durability
  • Small rip capacity limits it to small jobs
  • Can be tough to fit on to certain table saws

Shop Fox W1716 Breakdown

With some insight on the Shop Fox W1716, how do each of these pros and cons relate to the usability of the fence? Let’s look at them in-depth, and understand the importance of each of these things.

Length and Rip Capacity

The length of a fence helps determine how big of a project it can handle, and the Shop Fox W1716 has a length of 57 inches. It also has a rip capacity of 30 inches. This is a great limit to have on a fence, as you can work on multiple projects in and around the house. However, this won’t be the best fit for a professional job, that requires heavy duty cutting. It can definitely take care of most jobs though, and it is quite an impressive length for fences to have.


The compatibility of a fence is very important. If a fence doesn’t fit on your table saw, it won’t matter how good the system is. That’s why it is a great advantage that the Shop Fox W1716 can fit on to numerous types of table saws out there. It will allow you the flexibility to use it on different table saws if you’re planning to replace your current one in the future. It is a little inconvenient to fit on to some table saws, as you’ll have to drill in mounting holes. However, for woodworkers working with table saws, this will just be a minor issue. 

Single Locking Cam Lever

The cam lever on the Shop Fox W1716 is a heavy duty one, and will ensure your fence stays fixed on to its position. A lot of fences have flimsy ones that end up coming off halfway through the cuts, ruining your work. However, the Shop Fox W1716 makes it even better by making this cam lever lock, one handed. That’s right, you can easily maneuver this mechanism with one hand and make easy adjustments with just one hand. 

Magnified Cursor

The magnified cursor of the Shop Fox W1716 helps it be much easier to read and allows you to end up with better measurements with a less chance for errors. It comes with a measuring tape on the fence, that sticks on by itself with help from the pre applied adhesive on the back. This is where the magnified cursor is, and it will allow you to make the most precise measurements which will lead to precise and accurate cuts. What’s best about this is the fact that the black numerals on the yellow tape come in both SAE and metric systems. Easy for everyone to use and read!

Durability and Weight

A fence system needs to be durable in order to make sure they don’t wear out fast, and that they can handle the pressure of the entire table saw when you’re working. This comes from a range of things. Firstly, the build of the entire fence is pivotal to this. The Shop Fox W1716 is made up of a steel and aluminium lead fence body. This gives the fence system strength and durability. Alongside this increased longevity, it also has aluminium which allows for the fence to be lightweight as well. This leads to an overall decrease in weight. You won’t have to carry around the fence system, but your table saw will. Thus, the fence won’t be applying too much pressure on your table saw. Some fences can ruin the surface of the table by leaning into it too much. 

Ease of Use

The Shop Fox W1716 has quite a few features that help increase its ease of use. It has a wide right angled design, and this allows the fence to have more structural support, which in turn enhances its performance and increases the fence’s durability. You’ll also have a much easier time working with it, as it is much more sturdier than many other fences out there. 

The compatibility of this fence system is very helpful, but what’s even better is the inclusion of the torsion box. Not only does this add to the durability of the fence, but it also lets you avoid the usage of any rear locking mechanism. The torsion box coupled with your single cam locking mechanism makes the Shop Fox W1716 a very desirable tool.

Another small detail that helps the ergonomics of this fence system, is its adjustable fence wear pads. While this is not the most necessary of features, it helps to know that people can adjust it right down to any small change they need. 

Brand Value

When it comes to the Shop Fox W1716, you can rest assured about its brand value. People always want the best for themselves, and Shop Fox has quite a name in the woodworking tools market. You won’t end up with tools that don’t fit the description, and don’t work. Rather, you’ll find yourself getting hooked on to their brand, and checking out more of what they have to offer.

User Reviews

While we definitely recommend this to be a great buy for your fencing needs, you should also check out what some user reviews say about this product as well.

Shop Fox W1716 Table Saw Fence Customer review

How Does It Compare To Others?

There are a lot of fences on the market, so how does the Shop Fox W1716 compare to all of the other ones? Let’s have a look!

Vega U26, Table Saw Fence System

The Vega U26 is a very durable and sturdy fence system. It has a 36 inch fence bar, which is much shorter than the Shop Fox W1716’s, but it can still provide excellent precision and accuracy in its cuts. It also allows for very fast and smooth adjustments. You can easily get a great reading on your table saw, and make sure to receive square cuts.

Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC50T2, Top-end Table Saw Fence

The Delta Power Equipment BC50T2 is a premium fence system. It will definitely do its job right and provide you with very smooth cuts and a consistent rate. You’ll also find that it is extremely durable and will last you for ages. However, this premium product has a very high price tag, and most people are not ready to pay that for a fence system. It also comes in heavier than most other fence systems.

Shop Fox W1410, Table Saw Fence

The other option we have for you is another Shop Fox fence, and it is the W1410 version. This is one of the best fence systems out there for the money. It is very affordable, and it will provide you precise and accurate cuts. The downside is its 25 inch rip capacity, and that it only works with tables up to 27 inches. However, if those meet your requirements, then you’d definitely get your money’s worth with this fence system.

The Takeaway

Looking at everything and wrapping up, we must say that the Shop Fox W1716 is definitely a good investment and tool to purchase if you’re serious about your woodworking needs. It is very affordable, and even a novice can learn to use this quite fast. You’ll also find fastening it on to different table saws a very handy perk. Not to mention that it will last you for a long time, and over that time you’ll get very precise and accurate cuts to any wood pieces you’ll have. No wonder it is a popular item on the market! We loved it, and hopefully so will you!

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